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About Dai Wynn

While Dai has always drawn and painted since early childhood, he was an A-grade student and had an early desire to be an electrical engineer. After a state primary and private secondary education, he studied electrical engineering at technical college and university, going on to gain a Doctor of Philosophy in Microwave Field Theory at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

Having worked in various electrical power engineering roles prior to, and during his tertiary studies, his post graduate career path began in Paris, France in aerospace, designing satellite antennae. It then moved into telecommunications, mainframe computers and communications consulting.

Naturally, Dai and his wife both speak and write French sufficiently well to fool natives for about 15 minutes.

Wynn is a Welsh name (white) and Dai is a contraction of Dafydd (David). While his immediate family has always called him “Dai”, on morphing from engineer to artist, Dr David Wynn is now more commonly known as Dai Wynn. Of course, you can’t take the engineer out of the man, so here he is constructing an e-commerce website for his artworks.

Dai’s exposure to Wales was limited to a week in North Wales several years ago. As the reader will have noticed, a large proportion of Dai’s artworks concern the French urban and provincial landscapes. Regular visits are made to Dai’s former work colleagues in Toulouse, now the centre of aerospace activities, with additional forays into Brittany, Languedoc, Alsace, Haute de Savoie, the Périgord, the Auvergne, Provence, Bordeaux, Roussillon, the Pyrénées as well as the Île de France and Paris.

Dai has travelled extensively in New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Canada, America, Italy, Spain, Andorra, England, Scotland, Wales, The Isle of Man, The Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia and Switzerland. His artworks depict his impressions of the landscapes of these places.

Exhibitions and Shows

Linden Postcard Show 2018 and 2019: Group show for “postcard” (10 inches by 8 inches = 25.4 cm by 20.32 cm) artwork. Domain House, Dallas Brooks Drive, South Yarra, Victoria and Linden New Art, Acland Street, Saint Kilda, Victoria.

“Petite Worlds”: Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria. December 2017. Six petite (15 cm by 15 cm) watercolours in a group art show.

Various group art shows in Shanghai, Toronto, Camberwell, Brighton, Mornington, Berwick.

Contact Dai Wynn

email: dai@daiwynn.com
mobile: +61 4 18 33 66 57
location: 2/57 Durham Street, Eaglemont, Victoria, Australia. At the foot of Mount Eagle, birthplace in 1888 of the famous Heidelberg School of Art