Paris Heritage Bank Architecture

Paris Bank Heritage Architecture sketch
Freehand pen and ink sketch of the BNP Paribas Dealing Services building at 14 rue Bergère, Paris, France. Drawn by Dai Wynn on 300-gsm medium texture Arches french cotton paper using a 0.5mm black pen. 21 cm high by 14.9 cm wide by 0.1 cm deep approximately. A4 standard size.

Cathédrale Saint Front, Périgueux

Cathédrale St Front, Périgueux, France
Pen and ink freehand sketch by Dai Wynn of the Cathedral Saint Front from the Pont des Barris over the River Dordogne in Périgueux, in the Aquitaine region of France. 21 cm wide by 14.97 cm high by 0.1 cm deep approximately. Reference photograph by Dai Wynn who visited the Périgord Noir in September 2017.

Pen and Ink Freehand Sketches by Dai Wynn

Paris Bank Heritage Architecture sketch
Catheedrale St Front, Périgueux, France
Dürnstein on the Danube in Austria
Ink sketch of Vancouver below Grouse Mountain.
Venice Rio DellaSensa Sketch
Isola San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
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Grouse Mountain above Vancouver

Ink sketch of Vancouver below Grouse Mountain.
The view of Vancouver from just below the Eye of the Wind on Grouse Mountain. The Eye of the Wind is a wind turbine with a viewing platform just below the turbine housing. For those who would prefer not to scramble up a steep and slippery trail to the top, ignoring the “Danger, No Hiking” sign, a chairlift is available.

Duomo di Ravello

The Duomo at Ravello beside the Villa Rufolo and the road tunnel which passes beneath the villa’s magnificent gardens to emerge above a stunning panorama of the Mediterranean, the seashore towns of Maiori, Minori and Salerno on the Costa d’Amalfi in southern Italy.

Venice Gondola Ride

A gondolier on a small canal in Venice, Italy pushes his gleaming black gondola with gold ornamentation away from a stone quay. Freehand pencil and ink sketch by Dai Wynn on 300gsm medium texture Arches cotton paper. 42 cm high by 29.5 cm wide by 0.1 cm deep approximately. A3 standard size.