To Monastery via Trannergassl

Trannergassl Durnstein Austria ink sketch
The arrow sign at right says “To the Monastery” (Zum Stift in Austrian German) via Tranner Alley (Trannergassl in Austrian German). Freehand ink sketch by Dai Wynn of a quiet place in the Austrian village of Dürnstein on the Danube River. 21 cm high by 14.9 cm wide by 0.1 cm deep approximately. A4 standard size. Drawn on rough Arches 300gsm cotton paper using a 0.1mm pen.



Danube Village in Austria – Wachau Kellerberg in Durnstein

Dürnstein on the Danube in Austria
Dai Wynn sketched freehand the Danube Village in Austria – Wachau Kellerberg in Dürnstein. A stone tower and grape vines look down on the riverbank buildings. Richard the Lionheart spent time imprisoned in a castle, now in ruins, high above the historic township. Dürnstein also boasts a magnificent church and hotel. It is a frequent stop for river cruises plying the river Danube on their way to the Main Canal and the Rhine River.

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